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Training needs are growing faster than ever and organizations need to keep up in order to not only retain their valuable human resource but also to upgrade their skills and competencies for employees to be able to better contribute towards the organization’s growth and success.

Ascend partners internationally to provide you with state of the art training solutions to cater to your development needs.


In collaboration with Business Today, Ascend facilitates Business Simulations customized to client needs as each organization is unique with distinct challenges and opportunities. The aspect of customization helps participants get a deeper understanding of the organizations commercial and strategic scenarios.

The strength of this simulation lies in building collaboration among participants as they interact with each other face to face to resolve complex business issues specific to each industry and internal environment.

Using discovery learning technologies helps managers transcend traditional notions about functional barriers and ultimately leads to improved decision making and problem solving, and therefore improved company performance.

Simulation involves teams of participants who manage their own small organization and compete with other teams for market share, touches on the aspect of compliance and provides an experiential platform. A complex environment, driven by a decision based process provides an experiential learning tool which provides a holistic overview of how an organizations makes and losses money.

Gordon Cousins

Founder Business Today Simulations

Zaid Bin Zeeshan

CEO, Inclusive Consulting, Dubai


To get things done in today's organizations, we must positively influence others— direct reports, colleagues, managers, clients, and suppliers—both inside and outside the organization. Since factors influencing organizations’ change are constantly evolving, therefore flexibility is essential in using different influence approaches. Typical influence goals include gaining buy-in for one's ideas, securing cooperation, attuning agendas, and sustaining action.

PPI moves briskly through influence concepts to focus participants on mastering influence behaviors, and applying those behaviors in their own work in the weeks immediately following the program. This is accomplished through role-plays, Projects, small and large group work, exercises, lectures, one-on-one trainer coaching, peer feedback, a/v feedback, and application to a real-life situation.

Glenn Dorris

Training Consultant, Situation Management Systems INC.

Iman M Omar 

General Manager, PSHRM
Hogan Assessment Certified

Ovais Zuberi

Demand Planning Manager - Gulf, Mars


The Hogan Assessment Certification Workshop is aimed at enhancing each participant’s interpretive skills through advanced case studies, applied feedback, and coaching. The program evolves around participants conducting detailed interpretation and analysis of Hogan assessment results. The tool can well be used for candidate selection, leadership hiring, development and succession planning and high performance team development. 

The workshop ensures that participants learn the essence of coaching and practice thoroughly giving feedback on the HPI, HDS, and MVPI for developmental coaching.   

Rahul Baswani

Managing Partner, Sierra Next, India

 Aditi Kumar

Principal Consultant, Sierra Next, India 


Delivered by Bob Forshay, a certified Lean Master and supply chain management professional, the Supply Chain Management Simulation is a holistic training simulation that ssummarizes costs of Supply Chain Operations, and applies LEAN approach for identifying & reducing waste (cost). This program explores how cost management factors into long term sustainability and the method of optimizing maximum profitability in your supply chain. It also builds on the imperative understanding of the strategic alignment of the organization’s supply chain to their business objectives.

Bob Forshay

CEO, Mastermind Group, LLC. USA




Internal development is often something that gets axed as businesses look for ways to save money. Overlooking the value of cultivating your own in-house talent, however, can be a fatal mistake. NLDP helps ease the chain of succession and makes employees feel more connected to the business by taking them on a leadership journey where the new leaders learn three core competencies; leadership, team work and collaboration, and developing others. 

Successful leaders are marked by enhanced self-awareness and an ability to maintain a goal-oriented vision. They set examples and are capable of bringing out the most of their people. Using case-method and experiential learning, we ensure that your organization’s resources are able to apply effectively what they learn and grow to become charismatic leaders in the upcoming years. 

Asim Rashid

Freelance Trainer




Ascend coaches and mentors the young high potential incumbents for succeeding in the corporate world. Coaching focuses on identifying the gaps and sharing the experiences we have. We believe in guiding them through motivation and vision in order to lead through inspiration, channelizing careers and providing guidance on the basis of vast experience. We want to prepare the candidates to deal with the pitfalls of life and excel in in their personal and professional journeys.

We strive to build a fraternity of high potential leaders in the corporate world who share the same vision of creating a better workplace and be efficient.

Kanwer Anwer Saeed

CEO & Managing Partner, Ascend




Ascend aims to provide for its clients, solutions that are catered to the distinguished needs of their employees’ development. We understand the importance of valuing employees and helping them grow in order for organizations to succeed and prosper, consequently.

We are eager to provide customized learning and development solutions for our clients by leveraging on our partnerships from around the globe.

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