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We excel in creating experiences, and making moments count. Keeping client demands in mind, we build themes and execute them to perfection. We have a strong design and implementation team who work on each aspect of the event, all culminating into the bigger picture that leaves all the attendees charged and our clients satisfied. 


Experiential Learning at Ascend strives to disconnect individuals from their daily routines, allowing them to self-reflect and discover themselves. It allows you to think of yourself and people around you in a completely new way. Experiential Learning places you in challenging and unique environments to help you learn through various activities such as donkey polo and rock climbing, making you more cognisant of the challenges and the ability to cope with them. Lastly, it helps build communities by fostering relationships that last beyond organizational boundaries.

Our Philosophy revolves around the participants realizing and unleashing their inner potential. We embed the following cornerstones in our program agenda: 


Believe that the path to success starts with you


Have the confidence to take bold steps


Find out what you are made of


Building relationships with yourself and your environment and build self-awareness


Absorbing and channelling pressure to your advantage


Act out your authentic leader

We have developed five distinct variants to channelize outcomes of our experiential programs: 

Boot Camps

The most intense of all, Boot Camps focuses on Individuals and their inner self. It allows them to chip away the outer layers to discover themselves, realize their vision and unleash their potential.


Outbreaks are outward bound programs designed around organizational goals. This programs helps in rallying teams around a central business objective.


Retreats are conducted with keeping singular objectives in mind such as networking and team building.

Leadership in Action

LIA is a customized outbound program with the core focus of building future leaders. It’s about finding the leadership with in and getting prepared for upcoming challenges.

Teams in Action

TIA is a customized outbound program with a core focus of diminishing hierarchies and creating teams that work together effectively and efficiently.

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