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We, at Ascend, leverage on our ability and expertise in providing end-to-end HR solutions as our greatest assets to support your human capital requirements. We are passionate about helping your organization in discovering its people & organizational potential to tap into the next tier of business opportunities and grow beyond borders. We take great pride in enabling our clients to achieve profound feats with their organizations through the following key strokes:


Alignment of your organization’s business strategy with the needs of its human resource is a crucial catalyst of spearheading strategy implementation and securing long-term vitality of the organization. An HR strategy is a critical component of building a bridge between the business and its human resource. We focus on developing an in-depth & passionate understanding of your business and its operations to recognize the potential and challenges of its strategic direction in order to develop an HR strategy and organizational architecture tailored precisely for your business environment to overcome challenges and capitalize on both internal and external opportunities.

We seek to partner with organizations who share our belief and expand their abilities to attract, manage and retain the finest human asset and intellect base while banking on best HR practices, policies, processes and systems.


Vision, Mission and Values Development

Organizational Design and Culture

Transformational Change  

HR Excellence

Competency Framework

Performance Management Systems

Organizational Health and Engagement

HR Value Audit

We design & introduce holistic solutions in line with our ACE model:


with Organizational Needs                


with Organizational Strategy and Human Resource


The processes and Organizational Culture and Design


Whether if your organization is merging with a different culture or is simply pursuing strategic shifts such as product development, market expansion, innovative technology, new leadership or asset consolidation, transformational success demands more than the best strategic and tactical plans; it requires an intimate understanding of your organization’s intellectual base, as well the company's culture, values, people, and behaviours that must be changed to deliver the desired results.

Our team of HR professionals has developed an eye to recognize both the sensitive and heavy obstacles to your organization’s transformation process and are experienced and equipped to develop a suitable approach to allow your organization to absorb those limitations and efficiently migrate your business from point A to B.

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