We are a team that helps develop people, improve processes and provide specialized services. We are the trusted collaborators of some of the most forward thinking and innovative organizations that highly value their people capabilities and focus on their business excellence.

Established in January 2015, Ascend is committed to providing exceptional results for its clients while also focusing on achieving unparalleled customer satisfaction. Founded by Kanwer Anwar Saeed, former Director Human Resources & Administration at Engro Foods Limited, Ascend is a culmination of all the experience that he has amassed over the years. Having spent over 18 years with some of the leading companies in Pakistan, Kanwer Anwar Saeed decided to follow his heart and become an entrepreneur. He brings his extensive experience in leading several successful HR transformations in a wide range of areas and firmly believes in adding value to the business by developing closely-knit teams that are built around trust, passion and innovation.

In its short journey, Ascend has touched the lives of many highly qualified professionals and has transformed the HR and management functions of several organizations in various industries. Ascend prides itself on its ability to provide high quality and tailored solutions for its clients while simultaneously attaining operational excellence and exceeding customer expectations.

Our collaboration and association with numerous local and global organizations give us the distinctive advantage of providing business solutions and leveraging the capabilities of the diverse resources with superior business experience to deliver on our projects.


We seek to partner with organizations & people who have a passion for leading change and become a catalyst for unlocking their potential and align it with high-value opportunities through application of leading HR tools, methodologies and cutting-edge solutions. We aim to enable businesses to maximize the value from their human capital towards achievement of their respective goals & objectives.


To become the initiators of critical and innovative change in the global domain of human capital development.



We believe in having shared goals and common vision enabling us to come together with a strong relationship and mutual respect.


We believe in delivering high quality results, meeting and exceeding our customer expectations.


We believe in being alert, quick and flexible, in moulding ourselves to our customers' requirements.


We believe in seeing through our customers' eyes and being in their shoes. We own our success to the success of our customers.


We believe in an open, transparent and honourable mode of conducting business, with fairness and equality in our work and to our customers.


In 2007, a group of professionals from diverse supply chain backgrounds joined hands to create an organization with an aim to provide quality consultancy by channelizing the knowledge and skill acquired over years of service in leading multi-national companies. Since its inception, SCBS has evolved into a multi-dimensional organization enhancing its capabilities with time. The organization has been involved in various Greenfield projects, studies and partnerships and has provided consultancy to a wide spectrum of businesses fromstartups to large scale corporate and are our respected partners in Dubai.

Established in1981, Business Today Simulations has an impressive track record of over 30 years in increasing the business competence of their clients’ employees. They are part of a global organization with head offices in South Africa, The United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong and are represented by Business Partners in 38 countries across the world. Withover 190+ simulations across many diverse industries, their simulations are individually customised to the development needs of the clients business to ensure the maximum degree of ‘fit’. Ascend is proud to serve as the BTS representative in Pakistan.

Bureau Zuidema has a single mission: to help as many people as possible to discover and apply their influence. Why? Because influential people, in a positive manner, have much more impact in their work. In a close-knit team, consultants at Bureau Zuidema are convinced there is only one way to achieve this mission: consideration. Consideration for the individual learning objective; consideration for what an individual, team or organization really needs; and attention to the best possible ways in which influence-skills can be developed.
In the past 40 years more than 100.000 people have discovered the power of positive influence in their well-known Personal Influence Programme®. These Alumni, working at the leading companies and organizations in the Netherlands, experience the impact of their strengthened influence on a daily basis.

Sierra Next is a Human Resource Consulting organization based in India that focuses primarily on providing Leadership Development, Talent Assessments and Talent Management solutions. Our collaboration with Sierranext has given us access to the Hogan Assessment tools and their expertise has enabled us to achieve greater insight into predictive leadership behaviors.

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